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‘One Piece’ Chapter 853 Spoilers,, Predictions: Sanji, Reiju Destroy Germa 66 Soldiers

Reiju Vinsmokes informs her father about Big Mom’s massacre plan in One Piece chapter 853.

Subsequently, Sanji declares that they should destroy the Germa 66 soldiers.
Spoiler Alert: This article contains a short spoiler for One Piece chapter 852. If you have not read the previous installment, skip this. Otherwise, read on.

Jimbei burns Charlotte Linlin’s library in order to get Luffy and Nami out of the prison . The Yonko’s soldiers aimlessly run around the castle, not knowing what to do about the situation.,

Meanwhile, Luffy complains about his empty stomach. Jimbei cannot believe that the Straw Hat captain is still capable of thinking about food despite the commotion.
To enlighten the Sea King, Nami explains that Luffy has fought several battles in one day. And also, the captain has a big appetite.

Luffy is undeniably famished. Yet, he decides to leave Nami in Jimbei’s hands then Luffy charges forward hoping to find Sanji as soon as he can.

Elsewhere, Reiju and Sanji ate discussing Pudding and Big Mom’s wicked idea of murdering the Vinsmokes. And, first and foremost, the third son of Judge Vinsmoke explains that Reiju’s memory has been rewritten.

Sanji informs his sister that Linlin plans to steal their family’s creations like the Germa 66 soldiers. So, they have to stop the Yonko in One Piece chapter 853.

Nonetheless, Poison Pink does not seem to be fond of Sanji’s proposal. She pushes her brother away and tells him that he has to go back to the place where he belongs.
The young prince understands what Reiju is implying. However, Sanji does not want to see his family dying and he knows he can do something to prevent it. And thus, Sanji asks Reiju to tell Judge about the Yonko’s plan. Poison Pink obliges and notifies the Vinsmokes in One Piece chapter 853.

In the later, Sanji and his sister take care of the Germa 66 soldiers. The group does not move a muscle as powerful blows destroy them.
The fabricated series of events are just predictions. They may or may not happen in the actual chapter.

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