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.hack//Legend of the Twilight Bracelet Review

.hack//Legend of the Twilight Bracelet Review
.hack//Legend of the Twilight Bracelet Review

Title: .hack//Legend of the Twilight Bracelet aka .hack//DUSK aka .hack//Legend aka .hack//Tasogare no Udewa Densetsu

Genre: Action
Company: Bee Train/Bandai Visual
Format: 12 episodes
Dates: 9 Jan 2003 – 26 Mar 2003

Synopsis: Shugo and his sister Reina haven’t seen much of each other since their parents divorced. Hoping to be able to spend some time with her brother Shugo, Reina enters a contest to win limited edition characters in the online game known as “The World.” When she wins the contest, Reina and Shugo now enter “The World” together in the guises of the legendary players Black Rose and Kite. However, not all is well in The World. Invincible monsters are appearing in the game among other problems. Will Shugo and Reina be able to figure out what’s going on and put a stop to it?

The Highlights

Action: Above average.
Plot: Solid.
Art: Gorgeous.
Characters: Uninteresting and undeveloped; bizarre character relationships.

Few anime fans today haven’t at least heard of the .hack franchise. Spawning several anime, a manga, four video games and even a collectable card game, the .hack phenomenon once swept the world (no pun intended). I’m no fan of this multimedia monster, but I was still able to get some enjoyment out of .hack//Legend of the Twilight Bracelet.

.hack//Legend of the Twilight Bracelet is much different from its predecessor .hack//SIGN. Gone are the endless discussions between characters that made daytime talk shows seem exciting. Instead of focusing on interaction between characters, .hack//Legend of the Twilight Bracelet focuses more on action, making it much easier to watch than the aforementioned travesty. The plot moves along nicely as well, and there are very few truly wasted episodes. Naturally, the art and music are what we’ve all come to expect from Bee Train. Combined with above average action, .hack//Legend of the Twilight Bracelet is far more fun to watch than it has any right to be.

It’s too bad that there isn’t much here besides fun fluff, because the last few episodes bring up some very interesting thoughts on artificial intelligence and death. This is a nice bonus for those who prefer their anime with some intelligence in it and it keeps the show from being totally mindless. It would have been nice if .hack//Legend of the Twilight Bracelet spent more time on its thought provoking moments like .hack//SIGN did. It would also have been nice if Shugo and Reina didn’t make me want to vomit. Shugo’s feelings towards Reina, which border on incestuous and the whole “I must protect my sister/friends/girlfriend/significant other” theme that gets overplayed in anime, combined to ruin what would have otherwise been a tense or funny scene.

The other characters aren’t much better. Everyone felt more like a device to tell the story than an actual person I could sympathize with. Oka exists only for fan service, and Balmung exists only to continually remind everyone that something is wrong with the world, etc., etc., ad infinitum, ad nauseum. Not one character ever made me want to root for them or feel for them in any way. Perhaps the characters receive some background in the other parts of the .hack franchise, but if one has to play numerous video games or watch other anime to fully appreciate an anime, something is wrong. Despite all this, I highly 

recommend .hack//Legend of the Twilight Bracelet to anyone who wants to watch a good action anime without committing to 100+ episodes.

The Rating: 6

Reviewed by: Kuma

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