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Fairy Tail: Chapter 515 Spoilers &; Theories: Why Is Irene Not A Dragon? Natsu Will Die Soon? Chapter 514 Recap

"Fairy Tail" Chapter 514 entitled "The Dragon Seed" revealed the past of the Queen of the Dragons Irene who turns out to be Erza's mother, with more to come in Chapter 515 entitled "I Am You… You Are Me" which may delve into how closely related are Erza and Irene. "The Dragon Seed" chapter starts 400 years ago with a dragon called Belserion. (Spoiler alert! This article contains details about the upcoming Chapter 515 of "Fairy Tail" and recap of Chapter 514.)

"Fairy Tail" Chapter 514 "The Dragon Seed" Recap: 400 years ago, in the Dragnov Kingdom,
Lord Belserion the Dragon Of Wisdom visits the West and discovered that western dragons lacking intelligence were eating humans in their continent. Belserion wants desperately for dragons and humans to co-exist but finds the situation dire.

As Irene and Belserion try planning how to attack the dragons in "Fairy Tail" world to save humans, Irene thought of a way that humans can help in the battle. She asked Belserion if it was possible to enchant her with dragon power. Yes, she is the first dragon slayer, the Mother of all Dragon Slayers. And as she was going through dragonization, Irene was 
pregnant with Erza.

"Fairy Tail" Chapter 515 "I Am You.. You Are Me" Spoilers, Theories, And Predictions: The next chapter of "Fairy Tail" could reveal just how related they really are, and why Irene desperately wants to kill Erza. Fans postulate that since Irene was dragonizing while carrying Erza inside her belly, the maternal antibodies formed which is why she wasn't able to fully dragonize, and is no longer a Dragon Slayer. This could also be the reason why Erza is immune to dragon magic .

Meanwhile, in Natsu's heart , Lucy is keeping him warm. He continues his journey into his own memories. His tumor, who keeps on transforming, tells him that he is really close. Does this mean he is close to his death? That will be revealed in the next chapter of "Fairy Tail" entitled "I Am You.. You Are Me" which will be released sometime next week.

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