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‘One Piece’ Chapter 852 Spoilers, 851 Recap: Jinbe Rescues Luffy & Nami, Pudding Reveals Ability

one piece spoilers
One Piece Chapter 852 Spoilers

The upcoming "One Piece" Chapter 852 is expected to finally pick up on the cliffhanger that was introduced in the previous installment. To everyone's surprise, Jinbe finally made his entrance back into the long-running series' storyline and was seen rescuing Luffy and Nami towards the end of "One Piece" Chapter 851.

Jinbe's reappearance could not have been more well-timed. Big Mom's subordinates were about to torture Nami in order to reveal the whereabouts of her daughter, Lola. Fortunately, Jinbe barged in by destroying the door to the Library, where both Nami and Luffy are being held captive.

With Jinbe back in the game, it looks like the Straw Hat pirates could be finally regrouping in "One Piece" Chapter 852. This is especially highly likely to happen given the development of other Straw Hat pirates Chopper and Carrot. Brulee, after torturing her by tickling, finally told them to just ask the mirrors inside the mirror world for directions. And they were asking where Brook, Pedro, Luffy, Nami and Sanji currently are in the castle. It is probably safe to assume that the duo will be heading to any of their teammates in the coming chapter.
Another exciting reveal in "One Piece" Chapter 851 is Pudding's special ability. With Sanji listening outside her room, Pudding revealed to the wounded Reiju what they plan to do in the coming wedding ceremony. The highlight, according to Pudding, would be witnessing the look on Sanji's face as she will put a gun to his head to kill him. Pudding can tell anything she wants to Reiju as she has the ability to tamper with anyone's memories. In fact, she did so in the recent chapter, editing out her encounter with Reiju which basically solves any problem of possible information leak through her. But with Reiju's memory of the encounter with Pudding now erased, it now falls on Sanji to convince his family of the grave danger they are all in.

Meanwhile, Brook is still stuck inside the treasure room with Big Mom and her minions. As long as he survives long enough, it might buy enough time for the Straw Hat to mount a rescue and help him out. With all these developments, fans can definitely expect an action-packed "One Piece" Chapter 852 when it releases sometime next week.

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