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Certain swords have become legendary in their own anime series.
Here is a list of some of the most badass swords in anime.
10. Sakata Gintoki’s “Lake Toya” from Gintama 
Top 10 Badass Anime Swords

Lake Toya hilariously defies the fact that Gintoki uses a wooden sword for the purpose of not killing anyone with it’s ability to cut through anything.
In addition, there is one sword in Gintama that is proven to be more powerful than Lake Toya, which you’ll be seeing further down the line.
9. Gatts’ “Dragonslayer” from Berserk, Sanousuke Sagara’s “Zanbatou” from Rurouni Kenshin, and Dygenguard’s “Zankantou” from Super Robot Wars

This is basically the sword version of the ‘BFG’.
The bigger your weapon is, the more badass it’s going to look, and the cooler you are going to be for being able to wield it.
8. Himura Kenshin’s “Sakabatou” from Rurouni Kenshin
The sakabatou is, simply put, a classic.
7. Mugen’s “Double-Edged Tsurugi” from Samurai Champloo
Mugen’s sword is great not for any special attributes it has, seeing as it could easily be mistaken for a normal sword, but for it’s unforgettable appearance.
The distinct white handle, pointed hilt, and black, emblemized sheathe that is famously strapped to Mugen’s back instead of his side all make the sword instantly recognizable as his own.
6. Kira Izuru’s “Wabisuke” from Bleach
The moment that you learn about Wabisuke’s true use is utterly awesome as there is a definitive moment wherein the connection between the sword’s power and it’s shape becomes apparent, and the gruesome truth is revealed.
5. Okada Nizou’s “Benizakura” from Gintama

Benizakura is definite proof that something pink can still look totally badass, and the sword’s constantly changing form keeps it fresh and cool at all times.
The sword even has it’s own pulse, which adds to it’s creepiness, and the grotesque attachment it has to foolhardy wielder Okada Nizou just serves to make it that much more memorably unsettling.
4. Otonashi Saya’s 2 Unnamed Katana from Blood+
The original blade has a cool zig-zag shape, with the smaller blade on the top part for Saya to cut her hand with.
The later version’s blade isn’t quite as cool, but it’s an interesting second take on the design, and the gleaming red jewel looks great, especially in combination with the simple but cool red and black sheathe.
3. Mikoto Minagi’s “Miroku” from Mai-HiME
Strength aside, though, what really makes Miroku great is it’s design.
Claymores are always cool-looking swords thanks to their very elegant appearance, and Miroku’s sleek black shine adds to the sexyness of the blade.
2. Chrona’s “Ragnarok” from Soul Eater
Unlike most 
transforming weapons, Ragnarok’s ‘human’ form has nothing to do with it’s awesomeness, seeing
 as it is actually pretty damn annoying.
The pair of lips may look ridiculous at first, but they quickly become highly unsettling when used in action.
1. Signum’s “Laevatein” from Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A’s

The damn thing is so powerful and badass that it apparently needs a damn exhaust pipe.
Laevatein is a pretty cool-looking sword, being well-decorated and stopping just short of crossing over into ridiculousness, with the fact that it can transform into different forms and use so many different powers being a definite plus.
This sword probably has the greatest destructive power out of the whole bunch.

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